And a Writing High!

Previously on “Like Fireflies in the Brain,” Sage had a writing depression that climaxed in May, and she didn’t break out of it until August, when she wrote a novel in three days, wrote a short story and a half, and cut down a novel she couldn’t make work into a short story, subbing it immediately to the Absolute Write SFF anthology.

Busy August.

Two days into September, I received word that I had made it into the second round of the anthology.  There was still another round of cuts to go, but just getting that far was really encouraging.  I knew that if I was rejected, I would be confident enough to submit it elsewhere.

So I waited. In the world of publishing, it wasn’t that long.  Just under two months.  And then a couple of weeks ago, we were told that the table of contents would be decided on that Friday.  Imagine my nerves that week, lol.  Friday came, and then we were told that only rejections were going out that night.  Acceptances would be the next evening.

I didn’t receive a rejection before bed.  I had to work the next morning (Saturday, I know), so I went to bed a little early.  I got up at 6 a.m. when my iPod went off, and just like every morning, I checked it to see if I had e-mail.  I did.  There was a little red circle with a “1” in it.  Kinda like when I see that “Inbox (1),” at first I got excited.  And then I remembered that rejections were going out.

I tried not to be too disappointed as I opened my e-mail.  It was a rejection, I knew it.

Only it wasn’t.  It was an offer!  But not for “Fireflies”, not for the anthology.  It was an offer for Love Sucks, which I submitted to an e-publisher a little over three weeks ago.

That’s right!  Love Sucks is going to be published by Musa Publishing!

So, yeah, that was pretty good news.

Even better was when I received the acceptance for “Fireflies” that evening. 😀

Two acceptances, one day.  There might have been some dancing involved.

All right, it’s time for NaNo.  Hope you enjoyed my little story.

Lots of love,