Rosie: New or Old?

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to start Taylor-Made again.  I had already decided I was going to rewrite everything but the first chapter, change the setting, and possibly change the female lead, Rosie.  In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I decided I needed to change Rosie.  Taylor, I love, and if I thought I could do so, I’d write it from his perspective.

Here’s the thing.  I think I write boys better than girls.  I don’t know why that is, I just think I do.  But it comes down to one thing: my boys are very different from each other, and my girls aren’t.  Sure, Fiona from “Fireflies” is pretty different, and that was the point of writing a story for her.  Mailee’s a little different (and note that Fiona and Mai are the ones getting published) because she’s shy, but in her head she has the same attitude as the rest of my girls.  I like my girls with attitude.  I like them to kick ass and to be headstrong and to use sarcasm all day long.  Tia and Evie are my most extreme versions of this, but the YA girls all have it.  And I think sometimes I hide their emotions a little too much in their attitude, and that is definitely a problem.

So we come to Rosie.  She has issues she wants to protest.  Originally, I had her on the speech and debate team, so obviously she had no problem voicing her opinion.  In those 4K words I wrote of TM the first time around, she flips out at a girl who makes fun of her MIA boyfriend, and only doesn’t punch her because her friend holds her back.  I don’t know if she can really kick ass (I picture her as fairly small), but she’s scrappy at least.  And the first thing she does when she meets Taylor is shove a protest sign into his stomach (not literally.  She’s not *that* violent 😉 )

I kind of love her.  Well, of course I do.  This is the type of female MC I adore.  That’s why I keep writing them.

The one I came up with before rereading would be very different.  She still would have issues she wants to protest, but she’d be the one organizing the protest but having trouble finding her voice to yell at people.  She’d be shyer.  Her opinions would be there, but she’d have trouble voicing them.  She certainly wouldn’t be flying at people who insulted her or arguing with the boy who showed up to possibly ruin her protest.  While old Rosie was attracted to Taylor from minute one, she refused to acknowledge it, but new Rosie would right away.  Not out loud, oh no.  It just wouldn’t be the love-hate relationship so many of mine are.  This would be a different direction than I usually take, but I think it would work fine conflict-wise, since the real obstacle to their relationship would come after they’ve established one–when she finds out that he’s a BOIS created for her by her sister.  And instead of being on the speech and debate team, I think I’d just have her have an essay (still about BOIS rights) she wrote that she needs to read publicly.  As someone adverse to public speaking, myself, I could probably write that conflict easily.

I think I could fall in love with new Rosie.  And she might be the direction the novel needs to take, besides which, it would probably expand my female character range.  But reading what I have of old Rosie makes me want to keep her.

So I put it out there to the world to help me decide.  Should I go with familiar, attitude-filled, love-hate relationship, scrappy Rosie?  Or should I go with new, quiet, crush-at-first-sight Rosie?

Lots of love,


2 thoughts on “Rosie: New or Old?

  1. Well, you might try changing it around, and see what Rosie thinks of it. Sometimes your characters do not behave as well as you’d like for them to. Sort of – no – just like our children. Best of luck, however it progresses.

    • Good point. I think if we asked them, both Rosies would prefer to be extroverted Rosie instead of introverted Rosie, but that’s just because of their personalities. Right now I’m writing quiet Rosie just so I have the two of them to compare to each other. Maybe she’ll take off. Or maybe I’ll keep getting pulled back to Rosie-with-attitude. Or maybe in 4K I’ll still be floundering with this question (that’s how long the old version was)

      There’s no doubt that I feel more connected to Taylor than Rosie. She’s the one I did 100 sentences for. So it’s easy for me to feel like her character is undefined and changeable. I do wish she was the type of character who would jump out of the novel and yell, “Here I am!” Or jump out and bashfully say it. Whichever

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