I’m Greedy for a New Song, Are You Greedy for Books?

Just one.  And you can help me.

I have a great soundtrack for Love Sucks.  So many songs that define the characters and their relationships with each other.  A song that even has Mailee’s name in it (though the lyrics would spell it differently).  And each of the seven deadly sins has it’s own song.

Except Greed.  I can’t find a good song for when Mailee is infected by that sin.  Now, Greed is not my favorite of the Sins anyway, and originally it only had a brief role in the book.  Now there’s a scene devoted to the Sin, so I need a song.

Once Mailee is infected by Greed, besides starting to think in terms of “my Eric” and wanting to do as much as she can of the quest right away, she also goes on a shopping spree, spending more money than she has.

So I’m looking for songs about greed or songs that would fit this situation.  If you include lyrics (or links to lyrics), or even better, a link to, say, a YouTube video with the song so I could listen to it, that would be awesome.

Whoever I decide has the most appropriate song for the book/scene/soundtrack will get an assortment of books leftover from my Bye-Bye Borders Extravaganza (let’s say 10 books and you can choose which of the ones I have that you’ll get), plus I will buy an extra copy of When the Sea is Rising Red by Cat Hellisen when it comes out and send it to you (which means I will be sending these out in early March).  And I will include the extra bookmark I accidentally bought for Christmas presents.  It has a puppy on it.

All for just one song.

So let out your inner greed and send those songs my way, so I can send books your way!

Lots of love,



17 thoughts on “I’m Greedy for a New Song, Are You Greedy for Books?

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