Winner of the Greed Giveaway

Hey, you guys.  Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day with lots of romance, or at least a lot of chocolate (it has no calories on V-day, didn’t you know?)

There were so many great entries.  I downloaded a lot of them just because I really liked them, and some I already had.  Thank you for all the suggestions, everyone.

But there was one song that was absolutely perfect for the scene.  She’ll be glad she came in with that one last entry.  I know I am 🙂

The winner of the Greedy Song Giveaway is:

Megan Verhegghe

for Shania Twain’s “Ka-ching”

Uncontrolled spending when the spender doesn’t have money fits the Greed scene in Love Sucks to a T.  Thanks, Megan.  And thanks to everyone who contributed songs.  I had a lot of fun listening to them.

Megan, I’ll send you an e-mail with a list of the remaining books from my Bye-bye Borders Extravaganza, and you can choose the 10 you want.  Plus, I’ll send you When the Sea is Rising Red by Cat Hellisen as soon as it’s out on the 28th.

Thanks, everyone!

Lots of love,


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