Love Sucks’ Soundtrack – Finished

Thanks to the Greed Giveaway and decisions made on the novel between my editor and me, I feel confident enough to share the final Love Sucks soundtrack with you guys.  Now, here’s a note before I start.  I wrote LS waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2008, so all of these songs are older, even the ones I added when I made my major revision in 2009.  I tend to make the soundtrack during writing and revising, and finish it off a couple weeks later.  I pretty much have to find an absolutely perfect song, from lyrics to the type of sound for that story/scene/character, for me to substitute it into the soundtrack after I’m done writing and revising the book.  Anyway, yeah, the songs are a little older (<– also the title of the closing theme).

Here’s the finished soundtrack:

  1. Broken Heart – Motion City Soundtrack (Opening theme)
  2. Another Mystery – Dar Williams (Mailee’s theme)
  3. See You Again – Miley Cyrus (Mai and Joanne and Logan)
  4. Anything I’m Not – Lenka (The quest)
  5. Gravity – Sarah Bareilles (Mai and Eric)
  6. Learn You Inside and Out – Lifehouse (Mai and Lo)
  7. Bathwater – No Doubt (Envy)
  8. Fake – Shinedown (Wrath)
  9. Ka-Ching! (Red) – Shanie Twain (Greed)
  10. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room – John Mayer (Pride)
  11. Let You Down – Default (Mai and Lo)
  12. Too Much Food – Jason Mraz (Gluttony)
  13. Extraordinary Girl – Green Day (Mai and Lo)
  14. Goin’ to the Dance with You – Kristin Chenoweth (Mai and Eric)
  15. I’m so Sick – Flyleaf (Sloth)
  16. To the Moon and Back – Savage Garden (Mai and Lo)
  17. If it Kills Me – Jason Mraz (Logan’s theme)
  18. The Conversation – Motion City Soundtrack (Eric’s theme)
  19. Human – Blake Lewis (Lust)
  20. Make Me Over – Lifehouse (Quest’s end)
  21. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz (Mai and 😉 )
  22. Older – Colbie Caillat (Closing theme)

Can you believe that once upon a time, I didn’t have songs for most of the Sins, and now they make up half the soundtrack?  (Well, because I can do math, just about a third, but still).  And if it seems like Lo gets more songs than Eric, that’s only because half of Eric’s songs are disguised as other things.

I’m excited to have a soundtrack to share with the world for a novel that is actually going to be published.  I could share “Fireflies” too, but it’s an awfully long playlist for a short story, even if I cut out the songs that don’t apply anymore.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the playlist, and had fun guessing what the songs mean for the novel.  Any songs on there that you absolutely adore?  Let me know!

Lots of love,

P.S.  I had links for half the songs to YouTube lyrics vids, and then YouTube and WordPress both decided they hated me.  I’ll try to come back and add them in the future, but my patience is shot.

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