Teaser Tuesday – Justin and Malinda

This week I worked on Love Sucks edits instead of Taylor-Made.  Since I don’t know if I can post those, you get an excerpt from last week.  So this is the first non-prologue scene with Justin and Malinda.

(ETA: Context: BOIS are androids built to fight in the place of human soldiers.  The company that created them, also created a boyfriend model to capitalize on the technology.  Girls can create the guy they think will be perfect for them, from looks to personality.)

Her raven black hair falls into her face as she cocks her head to the side and laughs a little. “What are you doing?”

I sigh. She’s moved. She wasn’t supposed to move. For like twenty minutes, she’s been watching the news, her face all screwed up with worry at the list of boys reported missing this week. Only once they started sending BOIS to replace the troops did the full reports come to light. The numbers were staggering, everyone said.

Every night she turns on the channel with the new names. There’s nobody she’s waiting for, she says, but she thinks someone should mourn and pray for all the soldiers.

The news has taken a break to show some feel good movie about soldiers coming home, which is why she’s turned to me, tears still in her eyes, even though she’s smiling at me.

I put down the pad I’ve been drawing her on and wipe a tear off her cheek. “Why do you watch it?” I ask. “It makes you so sad.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she sighs.

“Is there a name you’re waiting for?”

She shakes her head. “No one. Are you worried I have a boyfriend I’m waiting for, hoping he’ll come home?”

“No.” I’m surprised. It had never occurred to me. She bought me, she loves me. She wouldn’t do that if there was another guy she loves. “No, I’m worried you make yourself so sad. Don’t be sad. I’m here.” I cup her cheek and kiss her. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she whispers.

I show her the picture I was drawing.

“Oh, Justin, it’s beautiful.” She’s smiling and it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. More beautiful than anything I can draw, no matter how many times I might try to capture it in a picture.

“I have a good subject. Do you want me to keep drawing?”

“Yes, but…” Her eyes shine at me like stars. “…please make me look happier in it?”

I will do anything to make her happier.

Hope you enjoyed.

Lots of love,



4 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – Justin and Malinda

    • A ha, good point. I decided to skip the context paragraph, because it didn’t have anything new compared to the previous TT posts, but I forgot that there might be NEW people reading it. I’ll go add a context paragraph

  1. Ha, I skipped the context paragraph, and was like “bought? oh he must be a robot, cause Taylor-Made sounds like androids” ;D but the context paragraph did help when I went back to read. that’s a really cool concept! and interesting that she mourns for the androids too. says a lot about her personality 🙂

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