Teaser Tuesday – Awkward date

I know, I haven’t updated the blog since last Tuesday, but I do have two more days before my blogging week ends (I go Thursday to Thursday) so I promise at least one more post in the next two days. Maybe I’ll do a Workout Wednesday or a Lots of Love Thursday.  Ooh, I think the latter.  I have some things to love this week 🙂

It’s Teaser Tuesday.  This weekend I was challenged to write 10K on Saturday.  I didn’t make it because Roomie’s parents came down and distracted me for half the day, but I did get over 8K written in just that day.  So lots of new scenes to choose from this week.  I was considering always teasing with non-Taylor scenes.  Taylor’s been having dreams of two Simulants, one built to be a boyfriend and one built to be a soldier.  I seem to hit one per week, at least, and I think they’re my favorite scenes, but I decided on another scene this week, even though I wrote at least three of those scenes this week.

So instead you get part of Taylor’s date with a girl who’s not Rosie.

She leads me inside. The restaurant is packed and loud. At first I think this is good because she won’t expect us to talk, but then I realize she probably will and we’re going to have to yell at each other to be heard. Not really pleasant.

I give it a try. “People like to come here on dates?”

“Yeah. It’s great, isn’t it?”

I shrug. A hostess seats us at a booth, and we knock our knees together trying to get in the booth. “Sorry,” I say.

“No big.” She turns to the waitress and says, “I want a raspberry Long Island ice tea.”

The waitress writes that down, and I’m too busy figuring out that she’s okay with a seventeen-year-old ordering alcohol to realize that she wants me to give her a drink order next. After a second or two of being stared at, I say, “Oh, I just want a water.”

After she leaves, Kara grabs my hand and grins at me. “You’re so vanilla. It’s cute. I think you might have actually blushed if I had ordered ‘sex on the beach.'”

“She didn’t even card you. Did you see that?”

“And that’s why everyone comes here.”

Oh. It seems like a dumb reason to choose a restaurant. It made more sense when I thought it was because it was medium-level expensive and quality.

“I, uh, need to look at the menu.” I take my hand away to open the menu. It’s true. I have no clue what they serve here. The answer: everything. “What do you usually get?”

“Oh, a salad, usually.”

I look at their salads, but they have so much stuff on them and no guarantee of the quality of produce that I decide against them. There’s sandwiches and entrees that would look like a three course meal to some people. I end up ordering a burger because it’s advertised as grass-fed beef. It does give me hope for the rest of the restaurant’s food.

“What do you usually eat?” Kara asks. “You’re a mystery because you do some healthy stuff like Rosie, but you also make cookies with Hershey’s kisses.”

“I eat all sorts of stuff. I do like to be natural or organic when I can, but sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes it’s good to treat yourself to something a little sugary.”

She smiles at me as she sips her drink through the straw. “Everyone needs a little sugar sometimes.”

I’m reminded of Rosie’s words about the BOIS. All sugar, no substance. That’s what this date is.

“Some people like it better than others,” I say.

“But you like it sometimes. You’re open to trying things out. Not just sticking to your one narrow way of thinking.” She twirls the straw between her fingers, then passes the drink across the table. “Go ahead. Try something new.”

I look down and chuckle. “No, that’s okay. Really.”

“If you say so. But you’re missing out.” She licks her lips, making her lipstick shine rather than weakening it.

I push the glass back to her side of the table, but it taps against the empty bread plate and tips over, liquor spilling all over her half of the table and running into her lap. She screams and jumps out from the booth.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Lots of love,


5 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – Awkward date

  1. “I’m reminded of Rosie’s words about the BOIS. All sugar, no substance. That’s what this date is.” love this line 😀 and interesting, seems like you’re dealing with the question of what happens when someone who has a BOI made decides they don’t want them anymore… dun dun dunnnn? <.<

    • Thanks 🙂

      And yep, how the BOIS are disposed of or recycled is a major part of TM. It’s one of the things that make Rosie and Taylor fight for BOIS rights, and it’s the heart of Taylor’s problems.

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