Teaser Tuesday – A Little Bit Broken (Justin and Malinda)

This week I did another 10K Saturday challenge, and this time I actually made it!  But with the 10K I typed up that day, it’s another day’s work this week that I really love.  Yesterday I pulled out my notebook and wrote all the Justin and Malinda scenes (and one Taylor and Malinda scene) that I know about.  I love these two so much.  Probably because the book isn’t about them, so they serve as a building block for Taylor and Rosie’s story.  If the book was about Justin and Malinda, I’d probably find them boring 😉

Since I wrote in my notebook, I’m typing this up from scratch, so I apologize for the roughness that comes with typing this up right this second. (I had to type the first four words three times to get them right, sigh)

Context: Justin is a BOIS, a boyfriend android created specifically according to his girlfriend’s wishes.  Malinda’s dad, who was paying for college (Taylor and Rosie are in high school, don’t worry), lost his job, and she’s been working to help pay for it.

“It’s just a little thing.  Nothing to worry about.”  Malinda walks her fingers up my arm to my shoulder as we lay in bed.

“I’m broken? I don’t feel broken,” I say quickly.  I don’t want to spend any more seconds away from her. She’s working at the ice cream parlor and doing school.  I only get to see her a little, and now I have to spend that time at the factory?

“It’s one tiny part.  They say we can bring you in for a quick fix, and we’ll be out in less than an hour.”

She’s watching her fingers instead of my face.  I wish she’d look at me.  I wish she’d promise me it will be okay.  I’d believe her.

I believe her.

“An hour’s a long time.  But we’ll be together forever.  And that’s longer.”

“Yes,” she whispers.  “Forever’s a lot longer.”  She turns over and lies her head against the pillow.  It’s my cue to press myself against her back and wrap my arms around her.  We’ve fallen asleep cuddled like this ever since that first night she came to me.

But tonight she turns in my arms so she’s facing me. “Let’s make tonight last forever.”

I don’t know what that means, but we both stay awake watching each other for a long time.


I think I fall asleep first.  But she’s asleep now, wrapped in sunlight and the blankets and me.  I stroke her hair.  She sighs and opens her eyes.

“Good morning.”

She tucks the blankets up to her chin. “Hi.”

“It’s time to fix me forever.”

She squeezes her eyes shut and nods.  “Let’s get dressed, and we’ll go.” She gets up and walks to the door.

“I love you,” I say before she leaves.

“I know,” she says.  But she forgot the most important part.

Someone reading this in the novel knows exactly what’s coming, but I wonder if you can guess from this little excerpt.  Or remember past posts that clue you in (hint: a little birdie could tell you).

Hope you enjoyed it!

Lots of love,


3 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – A Little Bit Broken (Justin and Malinda)

  1. Guessing this is before he goes back to the factory to get re-made? Or at least, that seems to be what it’s hinting toward 😉
    I like this scene! You can tell from her actions that she’s upset and nervous about it, but he’s so naive, he just doesn’t understand (which makes sense, considering how he was programmed). Great characterization! 🙂

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