Taylor is off the Assembly Line and Ready for Quality Control

Today I finished my rough draft for Taylor-Made.  I started the reboot at the beginning of February, so this was a very clear two-month novel. I know I started in February because on Jan. 31, I posted about the Rosie debate.  Would I change her from my initial vision or keep her the same?  I ended up keeping her the same…and writing it all from Taylor’s POV.

February saw me write about 20K (there was a little overlap with the 5K of my original in that total).  There was one 10K-Saturday challenge, in which I wrote 8K, so the other 28 days resulted in 12K, including the rebooted stuff.

Then I hit March.  I had another 10K Saturday that first Saturday, and I made the goal that day.  I also was more productive during that week.  In those first 13 days of March I got the novel up to 40K.  Things were getting easier once Rosie and Taylor got together.

And then on the 14th, I had the day off (I work weekends), and I was plodding along all day.  But that was the day that Taylor found out what he was.  And it was amazingly intense.  I stayed up writing because I couldn’t go to bed, not when I was so filled with Taylor’s emotions.  I continued writing until I hit a Justin scene, which I had written in a notebook earlier.  There was no need to stay in Taylor’s head at that point, so I finally went to bed.  But for the next two weeks you could not drag me away from writing.  Working in the lab was wasted time, particularly when my coworkers were around me and wanting to talk to me.  Yeah, there was a lot of “Beware of writer”-shirt-wearing and noise-reducing-headphone-wearing too, in the past couple of weeks.  When I got home, I was instantly on my computer.  My days off were spent hanging out in a cafe writing.

So another 30K was reached steadily in the following two weeks.  Yep, it was pretty much a NaNo novel in March, but the full novel clocks in at 71,675.  At least until the first round of edits.  And, man, do I have edits to do.

Note, that this is my longest novel since Echoes of Silence, way back in 2005 (which was twice as long and is not going anywhere, but anyway).  Most of my novels that I do something with are in the 55-65K range.  Once I pass 50K, I call it a word count victory.  I have had novels that were shorter.  And for MG, that’s fine (In a Pear Tree is safe at 42K), but for YA, under 50k is a tough sell for spec fic.  Anyway, I knew when I hit 50K that this novel was probably going to land at about 70K, and, look, I was right!  It’s a word count I’m really happy with.  But of course, it will change in edits.  I know many things that have to be added, and things that will probably be removed.  It’s amazing to be going into my first round of edits with some of this stuff already figured out.

While I joke about starting a Hero/Villain or Love Sucks sequel right away, I am actually pretty excited to do some of these bigger edits.  First up is to rewrite the first chapter (It’s in Rosie’s POV, oops).

So that’s what I have to look forward to.  You know, besides that little thing where Love Sucks comes out in 4 weeks.  I secretly love editing (don’t tell anyone), so this is not sarcasm in any way.

Anyway, yay for Taylor-Made’s first draft being done!

Lots of love,


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