Teaser Tuesday – A Kidnapping

Here we are.  It’s the last Teaser Tuesday for Taylor-Made (unless I get bored during edits.  You know how it is.)  I looked for something that wasn’t too spoilery for you that I wrote last week, but I think that’s pretty much a lost cause.  So this is slightly spoilerish, I guess.

Context: Taylor is a Simulant, an android built by EDEN to be a boyfriend.  Some Simulants have very little individuality, but he has recently made friends with a group that had more than average.  EDEN has recalled him, and he found out that one of those he made friends with was recalled when he tried to contact Taylor, so he’s trying to save the others.  This is him at Angel’s house.

“You speak Spanish.” He doesn’t look Hispanic. Maybe a little Asian. Maybe. I guess we’re not really anything, ethnicity-wise.

“Yep, they plopped that into my head so I can talk to the help. Not that I don’t know that I’m one of the help too, believe me.”

“Is she going to tell your girlfriend we were here?”

“Nah. Not unless you kidnap me. So what’s up?”

I fidget. “We’re kind of here to kidnap you.”

“Oh. Well, let me make sure she knows I’m going out.” He winks at me and goes back inside.

When he comes back, I ask, “So your girlfriend is okay with you just coming and going during the day?”

“Sure. She’s gone anyway. And nobody really tells her what I do during the day. I watch a lot of movies at the theater, actually. So now will you tell me what’s up?”

Rosie drives us to the next Simulant’s house, while I explain about Geremy. “So you see, we have to stay with my friend.”


I don’t know how to answer that. “I think so. I mean, not there, obviously, but–“

“Look, I never called you, and I didn’t go on your website. As far as they know, I didn’t do anything connected to you. If I just go back to Caren, everything will be fine. If I stay with you and your friends, there’s no going back.”

“They took Geremy, and he knew your name. I don’t know what information they got, but we all keep logs in our brains. They’re pretty detailed, like a narrative of our every day. Whether Geremy wants to or not, he’s going to tell EDEN our names, he’s going to describe each of us. If they get you or me, it’d be the same thing. We can’t help it. We record our memories and EDEN reads them to analyze their results.”

“So… there’s no going back to Caren.” The sadness in his voice touches me. I know what that feels like. No matter how much individuality he has, he still loves Caren. “Can I call her?”

Angel is my favorite of the non-Taylor Simulants, so I hope you like him too 🙂

Lots of love,



8 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday – A Kidnapping

  1. Awww, poor guy! That’s a really big change for him…
    I like the dialogue and descriptions here, just one spot I wanted more:

    “When he comes back” <– that didn't really describe if they were in a car or outside his house or what? I was picturing them standing on his porch until a couple lines later when they were suddenly driving to the next house…

    Unless that was described somewhere earlier in the scene that we didn't see, in which case, ignore that 😀

  2. Awesome snip, Sage. I love when he says, ‘we’re here to kidnap you’ after he just joked about it. 🙂 Sad little touch there at the end, makes me feel sad for the guy.

    Sorry I didn’t warn you about the animal abuse on my teaser today!

  3. As much as I enjoyed the exchanges in your excerpt, I’m mostly grabbed by the amount of detail you put into your sci-fi elements. It’s really refreshing to see.

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