Gone, Gone, Gone/Austin Song Contest Winner

All right, after a minor dilemma about the winning song, I’ve decided on a winner, yay!

The winner is Megan for Kid Rock – Warrior.

There were a lot of close runner ups, which was part of my dilemma today.  It turns out that I can’t actually buy “Warrior” and put it on my soundtrack.  Kid Rock does not let iTunes sell his music (or Amazon as single mp3s, either).

But the contest was for the song that fit Austin best, and “Warrior” was the truest to his character and situation, so Megan will still be getting a copy of Gone, Gone, Gone (as soon as I find one, sigh).

There were several other songs that were close, so I will be throwing them all on my playlist temporarily to “audition” them for the part.  The song that makes it might be the one that suddenly strikes me as perfect (one line can sometimes do that) or the one I decide  I just like to listen to best.  Or it’s still entirely possible that some other song will fall out of the sky and hit me and be Austin’s song.

Anyway, thanks for all your entries, everyone.

Lots of love,


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