Workout Wednesday – New *Mile*stones

It’s been a long time, Workout Wednesday, but I haven’t forgotten you.

Today I hit a new milestone, and I thought, “wish it was Wednesday so I had an excuse to write about it” before realizing itis Wednesday, lol.

A little background, my workout schedule looks a lot different from what it looked like when I used to post these.  My PT is different, we meet on a different day, and I’m more likely to skip a class to do something on my own.  I’m also less likely to do a double workout, although I did one today.

So here’s this week’s workout.

Thursday: Aqua fitness class

Friday: Circuit: spinning at different speeds for certain intervals; arm weight exercises–bicep curls, high row, and shoulder press; ab work–leg raises and knee tucks

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Same as Friday

Monday: 50 minutes of Zumba Fitness on my PS3

Tuesday: 2 miles jogging


  • Circuit: One minute each x3 sets: Jump squats, “driving the bus” (arm exercise with 10-lb plate), sumo high row (squat then stand into a high row with 10-lb plate)
  • 4(!) miles jogging

About the jogging.  A few weeks ago, I didn’t know that I could actually jog more than a mile.  The pool was closed one Thursday, but I had my gym clothes with me and had already taken my inhaler, so I decided to use the track.  I wasn’t planning on working out long, since I didn’t have my iPhone for music or a book (which I could have read on the treadmill).  After walking a few laps, I decided to jog a few more, then leave.

I did 3 laps, which is a quarter of a mile, and thought, “Huh, why don’t I try for a mile, and just see how far I get?”  So I did.  Without music, I didn’t have a beat, and my pace was set by how fast I felt like going, not by how fast my music is going (which usually leads to me wheezing too much to go at a slower pace later).  I finished the mile.

And then I did another.

Since then, I’ve started using the track more and more on cardio days.  Since I’ve done the 2 miles, I refuse to quit before I reach that far.  Instead of music, I listen to an audiobook to keep me entertained.  And today I bought a counter for my iPhone so that I don’t have to keep track of the 12 laps/mile on my fingers, which causes them to cramp and causes me to stop at 2 miles even if I thought I could go further.  Obviously, this was a great plan, as I doubled my mile count today.

I’m going to see if I can build up my endurance and convince myself to sacrifice more time out of the day (I do about 10-11-minute miles) and see if I can work up to a 5K/10K/half-marathon level (not expecting myself to be able to do 26 miles, like, ever, but 13 maybe?).  It gives me a new excuse to return to WWs too, if I have new progress to chart.

Anyway, that’s my progress this week.  Any good workouts you’ve done lately?

Lots of love,

2 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday – New *Mile*stones

  1. Wow, Sage! I never knew you were a fitness buff. Let’s see. I made six trips up and down stairs today doing laundry. And I watered the flowers. and I got so busy working on my WIP that I forgot to eat lunch. And I actually did THINK about the fact that I should be exercising, but it’s too far to go to the gym, and it was a record 95 degrees today, so I opened the windows and smelled the roses instead. Maybe your efforts will guilt me into doing better tomorrow. BTW – huge congratulations on staying fit.

    • Thanks, chica! I was never very fitness-oriented growing up. I have exercise- and allergy-induced asthma, but at the same time I really made the decision that I needed to lose a ton of weight (health reasons, I promise), I also got allergy meds that really work for me and an inhaler to take before each workout, and those really made a big difference. But the best thing that happened was that I found a gym that really worked for me with a personal trainer and free classes, which puts me in a student frame of mind. I work really well with instructors and homework.

      Now if only I could keep my eating habits back under control.

      But housework totally burns calories and should not be dismissed as a form of exercise. I use MyFitnessPal to track calories (when I’m being good), and it also tracks exercise, including housework.

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