Happy Release Day, LOVE SUCKS!

Today Love Sucks is released into the wild.

As you can imagine, I’m pretty excited.  There may be some wayward exclamation points that sneak into this post.  Just possibly.  Watch out for them, they’re sneaky.


Tonight I have my release party.  It’s going to be a fun time of good food, blinking heart necklaces, games, maybe a reading, and lots of chocolate fondue.  Right now I’m stressing about the reading.  I’m not exactly the best talker.  But I have listened to a lot of audiobooks, so I’m better at reading aloud than I used to be.

I have to decide which chapter to use.  There’s always the first one, which admittedly hasn’t failed me in the past (lots of requests from agents who had the first 10 pages).  But I thought maybe I’d do a different scene.  So then the question became… which boy?  Because it’s true that most chapters have either Eric or Logan in them, but not both.  One of the later ones does, and it’s my favorite chapter, but do I go that far into the book?

I’ve almost decided “no” on that chapter and the first one.  That leaves me deciding between two chapters.  Do I choose demon problems or human problems?  Cheerleaders or Disney characters?  Eric or Logan?  Oh, my god, it’s like trying to get Mailee to choose a boy when I first wrote it.

Anyway, I will probably practice all these chapters all day long.  Then tonight?  Chocolate fondue!

If you want to buy the book, it’s currently only available through Musa.  But it should be up on Amazon and B&N soon.  Remember it’s an e-book, but you can get it for Nook, Kindle, iPad, and as a PDF.  Here’s a secret.  It’s awesome to have on my Kindle, but it is absolutely gorgeous as a PDF.  These are the two formats I’ve seen it in, so I’m not sure how the Nook or iBook version compare.

Anyway, I’m off to practice reading!


Lots of love,


9 thoughts on “Happy Release Day, LOVE SUCKS!

  1. Thanks, guys!

    I think in the end I might read the favorite scene (with both boys). It might depend on whether there are other people around, like kids, as that is the, uh, cleanest scene I’m looking at.

  2. Hey, Sage! I’m going to go buy your book! Really excited for you. Good luck with your future writing endeavors! 🙂

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