Workout Wednesday, 7/25/12

My workouts have become more varied than usual, as the rest of my schedule has too.  I’ve moved my Tuesday running to Monday for two reasons: 1) I was exhausted on Tuesdays after a double workout (aqua fitness followed by running) and 2) I want to join a choir and ALL the choirs meet at the same time as my Monday zumba class, so if I switch running to Monday, I can skip Monday zumba and maybe do the hour-long Tuesday zumba class (since I won’t be so tired with no running)
I have paid for the Disney half-marathon, so now I’m committed (or maybe I just should be committed).  Now I have to save for, oh, the park tickets, a hotel, and transportation.  And prepare to run for 2 hours.

My calves are killing me after running, though.  This started up last week.  Before they were just sore, but now there’s a twinge sometimes in the left calf.  My PT gave me some calf stretches, but if anyone out there has some advice for me, I’d love to hear it.  Advice other than, “Let Jezzie walk all over your legs at night to massage them,” because she’s actually pretty good at that.


Lots of love,


4 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday, 7/25/12

  1. Woohoo for commitment!

    Have you tried massaging your legs with a handball (or tennis ball, or what have you)? It hurts at first, but I find it really helps. I have The Stick, and I love it, but those are a good low-budget solution!

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