It’s October!

*grabs handfuls of leaves and tosses them into the air like confetti*

It’s October, huzzah!

I love October.  Halloween is my second favorite holiday.  ‘Tis the season for reading scary books and watching scary movies.  For finding huge bags of candy on sale (to give to my coworkers, of course 😉 ).  For seeing people in costume…oh, wait, I did attend a SFF convention last weekend, and that might account for some of those costumes.  And for plotting for NaNo, yay!

So I have some plans for October.  A giveaway.  A giveaway?  Of one of my own books?  That’s right.  A Love Sucks giveaway is on its way.  Keep an eye out for it.

Meanwhile, I’m working on an R&R for Taylor-Made.  And I’m doing that plotting thing.  NaNoWriMo is around the corner.  I’m also researching for a novel that I might do in the future.  Research? What’s that? I know, right.

Okay, so there’s my “Sorry I haven’t posted in a billion years (okay 4.5 months)” status update.  I’ll be posting more soon.
Lots of love,

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