The Forums (#NaNoPrep)

Aren’t the NaNo forums awesome?  Wait, you haven’t checked them out yet?  Well, now’s the time!

Once November hits, the forums become this black hole that sucks away all your writing time.  No kidding.  You think you can stop in and check out that dare thread because you’re stuck and suddenly you’ve spent 3 hours reading about the fiction fairies you can adopt or helping someone else name their superheroes or filling out character surveys.

And it’s fun.  But you’ll be mad at yourself when you get to midnight and realize that you only wrote 37 words all day.

But I’m not saying avoid the NaNo forums altogether.  No, go to them now.  Read the Dares threads and tuck away some dare (or 20!) to use when you get stuck in November.  Fill out the character surveys and learn all sorts of new things about your characters before you start.  Read the adoption threads and adopt things.  Help others plan.  Ask for help you need.  Hang out in the chatty threads for your genre or age group or region.  Nominate yourself or others to 30 Covers, 30 Days.  Read the synopses there to see what others are doing.  Check out what events are going on in your area.

And have fun!  Because that’s what NaNo is about.

What’s your favorite part of the forums?  I’ve made a whole novel using dares (36, I think) once, so I have a fondness for that thread, but I love the 30C30D thread the most.

Lots of love,

P.S. One week left to enter the Trick or Treat Love Sucks giveaway.  That means one week to Halloween and one week left to prepare for NaNo.

One thought on “The Forums (#NaNoPrep)

  1. I mostly hang out on my regional forum…one of my favorite takeaways from NaNo is meeting a bunch of other local writers. But you’re right–it can VERY quickly become a time suck.

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