The Trick-or-Treat Love Sucks Giveaway Reaping

On Sage’s counter sits a cauldron once full of sweets to tempt little children to her door, but currently filled with names of people vying for a copy of Love Sucks, bookmark, and flashy, blinky necklace.

Just as in Hunger Games, some folks have many entries into the contest, and some just have one.  Who will be reaped from the cauldron?  Let us see now.

Pulling out a name and we have…

Sabryna Brooks

Next is:

Bryson McCrone

And our final winner is:

Susan Weiner

Congrats to the winners!  I will contact you to find out where to e-mail the book and to ship the bookmark and necklace.  (ETA: Don’t forget to tell me the format you need when you tell me where to send the books)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!  Less than 4 hours to NaNoWriMo.

Lots of love,

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