Workout Wednesday – Sad news

Taking a short break from NaNo (by which, I mean that I haven’t written anything today yet O_O) to do a Workout Wednesday.  It is Wednesday, right?  My sense of time is wacky this week for some reason.

Anyway, if you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that I was working hard to do the Disney Princess Half-Marathon next February.  Due to financial reasons, I will not be able to do that.  I might do some other local race next year and maybe I’ll be able to do a Disney half-marathon in 2014, but I just can’t justify the trip right now.  It pretty much broke my heart, but I have to do the responsible thing right now.

I’m still running, although I’m not working hard on improving my speed at the moment. A lot of my running was spurred on by imagining the trip, so to avoid relapsing into thoughts of it while running, I’ve started listening to shows I have on my iPod, which means I can’t keep track of my laps at the same time.  So if I’m at the gym, I just run for half an hour and don’t count the laps, which means I can’t keep track of my speed.  But when I ran outdoors the other day, RunKeeper told me that my speed isn’t suffering for this.

I’m still doing my PT routines and other workouts as I can fit them in (on top of losing the half-marathon, my work schedule changed so that I can’t do my midday classes), and I haven’t really let up on how many workouts a week I do.

Still, it was very disappointing to lose the Disney trip.

I hope you are doing well with all your exercising endeavors and that if you’re participating in NaNo, you haven’t gone completely sedentary, as sometimes happens to obsessed writers.

Lots of love,

One thought on “Workout Wednesday – Sad news

  1. Sorry to hear about the trip. Just think of how awesome you will be next year. Keep up the exercise, and don’t let missing the trip get you down.

    Oh and if your NaNo doesn’t have a shotgun in the first two chapters…You’re doing it wrong.


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