The New Pocket Watch

My wristwatch is driving me nuts. The little piece that holds down the end of the band broke off.  I’ve been using a twist tie to hold it down, but the ends of that sometimes irritate my skin. So more and more, I’ve been taking it off and setting it aside.  And then sometimes I forget it in a bag or on my nightstand or desk or wherever.

Then I wonder what time or day it is. And I look at my wrist. Oh, right, I don’t have a watch. But I still don’t know what time it is. And instinctively, I look at my wrist again. Yes, I do know the definition of insanity, but I can’t help it. That’s what I do when I want to know the time or date.

When mentioning my watch, there are so many people I know who are shocked that I still wear one.  Why not just use my phone like they do?  But, of course, I love my watch, and I’m used to looking at my wrist for the time and day, rather than reaching into my pocket and pulling out a device to check the time.

And it struck me today.  How funny is it that so many people have returned to pocket watches?  They might look different than before.  They might do so much more.  And they probably aren’t on a chain.  But still.  Pocket watches.  Who knew that technology in all its shininess would take us back a step too.

Lots of love,Sage

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