Valentine’s Day Teaser

I haven’t posted in a while, but, hey, I’ve barely written in a year too, that’s to be expected.  The last book I wrote that I loved was 2 NaNoWriMos ago, and that was A Paranormal Bromance, which is what I’m supposed to be revising these days.  In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d post a little date scene from aPB and show you just how annoying it might be if you had to bring your own personal ghost as chaperone on your dates.  This scene is actually from the POV of Ren, the ghost.  Shannon was Ren’s girlfriend before he became a ghost (and also Blake’s grandmother).

Blake must be the worst air hockey player in the world.  I try to help him out, blowing on the puck so that it falls into Julie’s goal, but it doesn’t seem to help his score go up.

I suppose that yelling “Geronimo!” every time he goes to hit the puck is probably not the most helpful thing I could do, but it’s fun.

“You really are bad at this,” I tell him.  I poke his arm a few times.  “You should let me play for you.”

“Not now,” he says under his breath.

Julie smiles.

I think she thinks he’s crazy.  Which is totally okay with me.  I mean, if a girl can’t handle a little crazy, what kind of girl is she to date my Blake?  Shannon would not approve.

I slam my hand down on top of the puck just after she hits it, and it stops dead.

Julie stares at it as it spins in place where I left it.  “Wow.”

“Don’t say anything.  It will only encourage him.”

“Like I need you to say something to encourage me.  Hey, you should offer her a soda or something.  Girls get thirsty, you know.  God, you’re really bad at this.”

I float off and leave them alone for a little while.  Nobody can say that I am not sometimes considerate.

I’ve never been to an arcade before.  It is really loud and colorful and dark at the same time.  I watch over people’s shoulders, cheering them on even though they can’t hear me.  Maybe my positive vibes are enough to get them a good score.  When a little boy loses a racing game, I reconsider this viewpoint.

Blake is playing a game where he controls a claw and tries to grab a toy from inside.  I know this game.  We had them on the boardwalk in California.  I won a stuffed bear for Shannon way back when.  She doesn’t have it anymore.  She had me to remember me by instead, I guess.

Blake fails to get anything, so Julie takes a turn.  She gets a little stuffed zombie.  It makes her laugh.  She’s clearly not as afraid of zombies as she is of ghosts.

“Ooh, try again, Blake,” I say, getting an idea.  I shift through the machine and end up in the center.

“That’s cheating, man.”

Julie follows his gaze over to me, and probably figures out who he’s talking to because she doesn’t look hurt like she did last time he said something mean to me.

“Come on, I’ll help you win her a teddy bear.”

“Do you want a teddy bear?” he asks her.

She hugs her zombie.  “I got a zombie.  Teddy bears need not apply.”

“She is weird,” I say.  This prompts a rare smile from him.

“How about a soda?” he says.

“That, you can get me.”

I punch the air, but Blake’s totally ignoring me, leading Julie to the refreshments counter.  They play a few more games, but I’m over it.  I sit on the edge of a pinball machine and watch them from afar.  After those first stupid attempts at conversation that Blake tried, he’s hit his stride, and I can see him telling Julie about his music choices.  I know because he’s air drumming.  Julie must have different tastes because he makes a face at her after she starts talking, but the thing is…it’s not like it’s stopped him from talking to her.  He’s still interested.  He doesn’t even look uncomfortable trying to figure out how to relate to her.

He looks happy.

In three years, I’ve never seen Blake look happy.

I lean my elbows on my knees and my chin on my folded arms, just watching them.  It’s nice.  I’ve been trying to make Blake smile like that for years.  Maybe they’ll fall in love and get engaged and get married and live happily together forever.  He’s already older than I was when I got engaged to Shannon, after all.  He’ll always be older than me now.  Much too old to have never fallen in love.

This is good.

I’m bored.

Yeah, enough of this.  I take off and somersault through the air to the refreshment stand.  Someone has left their paper boat of onion rings sitting on this counter for fifteen minutes, and I don’t think they’re coming back for them.  With some concentration, I scoop the container into my hand.  It takes no concentration, however, to pick up an onion ring and fling it towards Blake’s table.  The first toss misses it’s goal, bouncing off the table and landing on the floor, but the second catches on the straw of his soda cup and twirls around it before settling on the lid.

I throw another, hoping to succeed again at this game of onion ring toss, but this one goes wild and hits Blake in the temple.  “Hey!”


Hopefully now that I’m out of the writing doldrums, I’ll be posting more.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lots of love,


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