Tuesday Teaser – Cheerful Spectator

Since I’m writing a short every week, I should have something to pull from each week for Teaser Tuesday, but since my NaNo peeps could potentially read the story here before my Thursday night write-in, I’m going to pull from the week before (until I have novel stuff to use, obviously).  I actually haven’t written this week’s write-in story anyway.

This is from last week’s story.  The prompt was (for whatever reason) called “The Cheerful Spectator,” and the goal was to have a POV character who couldn’t influence the stuff going on.  These are the same characters as the Valentine’s Day teaser.  Laurie = Ren, and this is set in the past, before Blake could see and hear him.

“What’s going on?” Blake asked.  “What are you doing with my Hot Wheels track?”

“Magic,” Joy said gleefully.  And then to my dismay, she began to say words that sounded an awful lot like how I’d try to pronounce the words in that book.

“Joy!”  I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I doubted very much that she would end up with Tinker Bell, even if she recited the words correctly.  I flew towards her and rammed into an invisible wall.  The track, the stupid circle that the picture showed keeping the fairy creatures in, was keeping me out.  “Blake, do something.”  Humans could break circles more easily than spirits.  But Blake was frozen, apparently mesmerized by what had to be the first serious working he’d ever seen.  “Get Shannon!  Get your grandmother!” I yelled at him, but my words were falling on deaf ears.

I should have gotten Shannon—it wasn’t like I was doing any good there anyway—but I couldn’t leave them.  They were just kids, and Joy was doing a working that was way beyond them.

There was a burst of light, and I instinctively drifted back, shielding my eyes with one hand.  Suddenly Blake’s hand grabbed my other one, although I can’t tell you how he found it.  I squeezed his hand, and if I could have held my breath, I would have.

The light faded, and Blake looked at his hand clasping my invisible one and let go quickly, looking flustered.  I might have been insulted or amused, but I was too focused on Joy.  Three balls of light circled her, as if examining her.  The lights changed color, randomly.  I didn’t know if they were fairies or what, but they sure did look like they could be.

Luckily, Blake didn’t move.  If he broke the circle now, he’d free the beings, and we didn’t know what they were.  On the other hand, if they were malevolent, I’d rather have them out here than stuck in there with Joy.

Joy was delighted.  “See?  I’m just like Grandpa.  I got the fairies to come.”

“Uh huh.  Just don’t move too suddenly,” I said, frustrated that she couldn’t hear me.

One light circled Joy’s feet, as if checking out her pink sandals, while another wove itself through her hair, leaving glowing rainbow sparkles in the brown curls her mother had put in her hair, taking advantage of Joy’s princess phase.

The third light floated in front of her face.

“Hi, I’m Joy.  What’s your name?” she asked the light.  The light hovered before her eyes, and then it touched her right between them.  I like to believe it was a true fairy and it kissed her there.  Then, as sudden as they had come, the lights disappeared, leaving Joy alone in the circle.

That’s when Blake finally had the bright idea to go find his grandmother.  He bolted from the room, calling for her.

I moved my hand towards the circle and was relieved to see it go through.  Joy watched me as I approached and put my hand in her still-glowing hair.

“Laurie,” she said, half-scolding me, half-laughing at me, “you’re a boy.”

I met her eyes and was surprised to find that I was truly meeting them.  For once she was looking right at me instead of in my general direction.  She, more than anyone else who can only sense me, sometimes still seems to have that ability, but in that moment, she could see me.

I put a finger to my lips.  Shannon thought it was hilarious that Blake and Joy thought “Laurie” was a girl.  She thought it was easier to explain me as her best friend, rather than her old boyfriend, particularly since I’m not Blake’s grandfather and will always be a teenager no matter how old Shannon gets.

Joy mimicked my finger-to-the-lips move, and I winked at her.  I scooped some rainbow lights from her hair and blew them into the air, where they floated like bubbles.  Joy danced around, waving her arms in the air trying to catch them.  I had no idea what they were—maybe fairy dust or fairy droppings, for all I knew–but they each eventually blinked out.

When they were all gone, Joy spun around until she was facing me, but I could tell she couldn’t see me anymore.  My spirits fell; it felt like a loss, rather than a return to the status quo.

I don’t know if I’ll ever write a sequel to aPB–I have to edit the thing first–but if I do, I’m pretty sure this scene will feature.

Lots of love,


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