Tuesday Teaser 4/8/14

A little teaser from my write-in prompt story this week.  It was a crossover, though the part I’m about to post is all Blake and Ren.  My NaNo peeps, you’ll just have to wait for Thursday to find out who I crossed them with.

Yes, I cheated a little.  We were supposed to crossover 2 characters from different novel universes we’ve written, but Blake and Ren are a packaged deal.  And the story just wasn’t working from the other POV, so I switched to Blake.

Here goes:

“Why are you having coffee so late?  You’re going to be up all night, and you don’t even do anything at night.”

I sigh into my coffee cup and try to focus on the stupid essay in front of me. “Compare two pieces of literature from similar genres.”  I chose Neuromancer–cyberpunk: not as punk as it sounds–and I, Robot–which I was disappointed to find I couldn’t rely on the movie for.

I put down the mug and pick up the pencil, ready to write a commentary sentence when Ren’s blond head rises through the table.

“Holy crap, Ren!”

He laughs, and I avoid looking up to see who overheard me.  It’s just us and the barista, so whatever.  “This is why we never go anywhere.”

You’re why we never go anywhere.”  He flies out from the table and hovers over me, while I pick up the mug again, my train of thought completely shot.

“Your face is why we–”

The lights go out.  I’m so startled that I drop my coffee all over my essay.  “Shit.”

“Um, Blake, the lights just went out.”

Before I can throw him a no shit, Sherlock, he adds, “The emergency exit sign too.”

Yeah, so, that’s weird.

By the light of Ren, I can see my coffee’s heading for the edge of the table, and I block it with a wad of napkins.  My jeans are saved, but the essay is toast.

“Blake, I’m scared.”  Ren hides behind my chair.

Ridiculous.  My ghost is ridiculous.  “Ust-jay eep-kay ohwing-glay,” I say under my breath, certain the barista can’t hear us over the clatter he’s making behind the counter.  Sometimes I speak to Ren in Pig Latin anyway.  In Cardiff, it’s better people think you’re speaking in tongues than that you’re talking to a ghost.

Hope you enjoyed.  One of these days I’ll do a non-teaser post.

Lots of love,


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