Workout Wednesday – 1/13/16

Traveling is over, and so I go back to the gym!  The state of my health while traveling was pretty sad, and I’m about where I started in 2009, as far as being in shape goes.  That’s bad news for me.  Traveling is a lot of driving or flying, a lot of locations that aren’t work-out friendly, a lot of restaurants with a single meal that resembles an entire day’s calorie count (not to mention, sodium, fat, carbs, etc.).

Still, I’m trying to get into a workout schedule–seriously missing personal training, btw–and how better to keep track than by reinstating Workout Wednesday? I may do future posts about how traveling affects the body or about my super-fun experiences trying to buy new workout clothing at this size.  But for now, since I’m pushing into Thursday anyway, I’ll just give you my week in working out.

Thursday – Aqua fitness.  It was spinning, huzzah!  I determined that, despite a safety pin, my swimsuit was a little dangerous in the chest area

Friday – Weight machines: inner and outer thighs, triceps, abs, leg press, lat pulldown, and back.  I got higher weights for each circuit because I was learning where I needed to put them.

Saturday – Aqua fitness.  Some random workout I don’t have a  name for.  I was late because I was repinning the swimsuit, with better results

Sunday – A repeat of Friday’s workout, but starting with higher weights

Monday – Zumba!

Tuesday – Aqua fitness.  It was boxing, which is not one of my faves.  I also determined that I had to check the straps on my swimsuit every time I wear it, or my chest support fails again.  (See why I need a shopping-for-workout-clothing post?)

Wednesday – Zumba!  My first time in this class.  I swear I’ve had this instructor before, but I don’t know when.  I was extra uncoordinated for some reason.

I took off last Wednesday and plan to take off either Saturday or Sunday of this week.  I try to take one day off a week, regardless of how it looks on this list.

So there it is.  I’ll try to make WW more of a thing again.  And other parts of my blog too.

Lots of love,


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