Restarting “Currently on my iPod”

As you maybe remember, I was going through my iPod in alphabetical order and posting the song I was currently on at the end of each blog post.  This was going pretty well (I started at T and had gotten to the end and gone from A to I) until October came along, and then it got cold.

In October, I started playing my Halloween list (which I didn’t remake onto my new iPod).  That took me out of the alphabetical song list.  After Halloween, I just never got a chance to unplug the iPod and get it back to the song I was on before (which was “I Want Love” by Elton John).  Going through the song list using the stereo’s knob is impractical because I have so much music on there.  Sometimes I’ll go for albums that way, but not if they’re in the middle of the alphabet.  Then for a while, my iPod was in my backpack because I took my car to get fixed and didn’t want to leave the iPod in there.  Finally, I put it on the song, but it was so cold that the iPod reset itself before I tried playing it the next time I got in the car.

The weather’s warming up a little, so I put it on the song, and we’ll try this again.  Which is why I can now say…

Currently on my iPod: I Want You to Want Me by Letters to Cleo

Lots of love,