The Writer’s Voice: Hero/Villain query + 250

Hey, I’m participating in a contest called THE WRITERS VOICE.  Here’s my blind audition, so the mentors can turn around and yell, “I wanna work with you!”  Or something like that.  Below is my query and first 250 words for Hero/Villain.



250 Words:

Rule number eleven in the Superhero’s Handbook?  No long hair.  It’s really a rule about anything long, thin, and easily grabbed.  Hair and capes are the main offenders in the League’s book.  The only thing worse than getting a cape caught in some contraption that’ll kill you is getting pulled in by your hair.  But I think the rule’s dumb.  If some gadget grabs my hair, I’ll just change it.

Besides which, I look way better with long hair.

But perching here on this tree limb, overlooking the cemetery, which, by the way, is deader than dead, I figure out another reason to avoid long hair.  The wind blows my currently blond strands across my face, where they tickle my nose and threaten to make me sneeze, but worse, they block my vision.  I don’t have a free hand to push them from my mask because I need both to hold on to the tree.  Stupid hair.  And, sure, that sound I heard a minute ago was nothing more than a scrawny black cat, but I can’t risk being caught unaware.  The hair has to go.

It takes a second’s thought of shortening my hair to get it out of my face.  Almost instantly I have a cute pixie cut.  Perfect.

A new sound catches my attention.  A murmur on the same wind that was driving me nuts a second ago.  I crouch low on the branch, listening, but I can’t get a better grip on what’s making it.

Hope you enjoyed!

Lots of love,