Workout Wednesday, 7/25/12

My workouts have become more varied than usual, as the rest of my schedule has too.  I’ve moved my Tuesday running to Monday for two reasons: 1) I was exhausted on Tuesdays after a double workout (aqua fitness followed by running) and 2) I want to join a choir and ALL the choirs meet at the same time as my Monday zumba class, so if I switch running to Monday, I can skip Monday zumba and maybe do the hour-long Tuesday zumba class (since I won’t be so tired with no running)
I have paid for the Disney half-marathon, so now I’m committed (or maybe I just should be committed).  Now I have to save for, oh, the park tickets, a hotel, and transportation.  And prepare to run for 2 hours.

My calves are killing me after running, though.  This started up last week.  Before they were just sore, but now there’s a twinge sometimes in the left calf.  My PT gave me some calf stretches, but if anyone out there has some advice for me, I’d love to hear it.  Advice other than, “Let Jezzie walk all over your legs at night to massage them,” because she’s actually pretty good at that.


Lots of love,



Teaser Tuesday – Trouble at the Bake Sale

What is this?  It’s like a post.  In less than week since the last post?  Cuh-razy!

So what did I do since the last post?  Only write an entire book!  Don’t freak out.  It was a Trouble kidlit book.  Okay, freak out a little.  It was 13K.

I also edited Trouble with Pets and had my first beta for it!  She says the voice and language is right for chapter books, so yay, that’s what I was aiming for!  Goodness, there are a lot of exclamation points in this post.  I blame Trouble.

So this book I wrote this week is called Trouble at the Ranch.  It starts off at a bake sale where Bex wins the tickets for horse camp in a raffle.  So here’s some from the beginning.

Trouble stood in the middle of the tent, looking at all the goodies around him.  His eyes were wide, and he was bouncing.

“Bex, I want some cake!” he said.

“You can’t have anything unless you buy it,” I said.  I said “buy” really loud so he would know that it was important.


“‘Cuz these are here for buying.”

“But what about the picnic?”  The church usually had lunch after the sermon.  “The picnic is free.”

“No picnic today.  Today we’re getting money for poor children and schools and Girl Scouts and stuff.”

He frowned.  “But that’s not fair.”

Trouble had a weird idea what was fair.

“Buy me something?” he said.

I had an idea.  It was an idea I got from Mom.  She was always telling me that if I was good, she would get me things.  Trouble got me in trouble too much to get them most of the time, but I thought maybe he’d be good if I offered something to him.

“If you don’t mess anything up, I’ll buy you something at the end of the bake sale.”

“Hmmmm.”  He thought about it, then nodded.

We ran up to my room to get my money.  I had eight dollars and sixty-two cents.  I hadn’t looked at how much things were, but I thought that could probably buy both me and Trouble a brownie or a cookie.

Trouble tugged on my hand.  “I wanna choose now.”  He pulled me back to the tent and looked at every single dessert they offered.  “Oh, I want this,” he said at the carrot cake.  “No, this,” he said at the chocolate fudge brownies.  “No, this,” he said at some snickerdoodle cookies.  “No, wait, this,” he said at a cheesecake.

Some of the stuff, like the cheesecake, was too expensive.  They weren’t selling slices of cake or pie.  They were selling the whole thing.  The cheesecake was twelve whole dollars.  I couldn’t get that.  “Trouble, you gotta choose something small.”

“What about these?”  He pointed to some chocolate candies.  They were chocolate around peanut butter.  It reminded me of how Trouble always said we were like peanut butter and jelly.  Stuck together.

Hope you enjoyed, and have a great Fourth of July tomorrow!

Lots of love,