I am an author of YA and MG, usually contemporary fantasy, and an eclectic music addict.  If you don’t find me writing–and sometimes when you do–I’m probably singing.  My cats, Jezzie and Jasper, are very helpful to the writing process.  At least if you ask Jezzie.  Her main mode of helping involves sneaking onto my lap and pushing my netbook off it.  Jasper’s is sitting nearby and staring at me.

When I’m not writing, singing, or playing with the cats, I’m probably at the lab.  If you want to picture me as a mad scientist, that’s perfectly fine with me.

Of my short stories, “Touch” appears in Issue 5 of Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly, and  “Fireflies,” appears in Absolute Visions, published in 2012.  My YA novel Love Sucks was published by Musa Publishing in 2012.


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  1. I tweeted you but never heard back, I’m the other writer named Sage Collins. Thought we should have a chat before you start getting my hate mail. 😉

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